Strata Equity

Development Consultancy


We know how hard you’ve been working to bring your vision to life. Our consultative services are tailored to your vision and the unique requirements of the project. Whether it’s advice on the latest innovations and technologies, first-hand knowledge on how common areas will likely be used, or procedures to ensure committees take pride in facility upkeep, you have our full support at every stage of the process.
Better yet, our directors have established relationships with key service providers for those items that you would expect within an Owners Corporation, to be able to provide competitive costing.
  • Review of building plans to ensure common areas provide all required facilities
  • Advice on multiple Owners Corporations to ensure appropriate allocation of use/cost
  • Set annual budgets and levy schedule for inclusion in the Section 32 statement
  • Engagement of key personnel (Building Manager, Concierge staff)
  • Procurement of quality key contractors (waste, cleaning, security, essential services, etc)
  • Development of Welcome
  • Brochure for all residents
  • Procurement of Long-Term Maintenance Plan
  • Procurement of insurance proposals
  • Procurement of building management software for communications
  • Procurement of embedded network proposal
  • In conjunction with your legal advisors, ensure all leases and licenses are ready
  • In conjunction with your legal advisors, establish special Rules
  • Convene the Inaugural General Meeting
  • Receive handover of all plans, warranties and instruction manuals
  • Establishment of Owners Corporation insurance
  • Provision of all documents required under Part 4, Division 1 Owners Corporation Act 2006
  • Engagement of key personnel (Building Manager, Concierge staff)
  • Provision of Initial Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Welcome letter including building brochure to all new owners
  • Induction of key personnel and contractors
  • Induction meeting for all Property Managers
  • Management of key handover and settlement packs for new owners
  • Comprehensive list of defects on common property to Builder
  • At 60% settlement, arrange first Annual General Meeting
  • Establish Owners Corporation Committee
  • Engagement of Building Inspector to compile comprehensive list of defects
  • List of all defects (including private lots) provided to Builder at 11 months
  • Ongoing monthly communication with all
  • Property Managers for the building
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